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General Ranking
Competition Total Home Away
Form table (last 6 matches)
Competition Total Home Away
Average time for first goal scored
Competition Total Home Away
All comp.28028
Average time for first goal conceded
Competition Total Home Away
All comp.15015
Number of matches without conceding a goal
Competition Total Home Away
All comp.27%43%13%
Number of matches without scoring
Competition Total Home Away
All comp.27%29%25%
Number of matches with over 2.5 goals
Competition Total Home Away
All comp.33%14%50%
Most frequent scores
Competition   Home Away
League 1-1 (4 times)1-1 (2 times)
All comp. 1-1 (4 times)1-1 (2 times)
Number of times the team scores first
Competition Total Home Away
All comp.0%0%0%
Number of times the opponent scores first
Competition Total Home Away
All comp.27%0%50%
Result after the team scores first
Competition Total Home Away
League0% w
0% d
0% l
0% w
0% d
0% l
0% w
0% d
0% l
All comp.0% w
0% d
0% l
0% w
0% d
0% l
0% w
0% d
0% l
Result after the opponent scores first
Competition Total Home Away
League0% w
50% d
50% l
0% w
0% d
0% l
0% w
50% d
50% l
All comp.0% w
50% d
50% l
0% w
0% d
0% l
0% w
50% d
50% l
Current streaks
Competition Total Home Away
League2 DR, 2 LL, 3 WL, 2 CS, 3 GL7 LL, 2 CS8 WL, 2 GL
All comp.2 DR, 2 LL, 3 WL, 2 CS, 3 GL8 LL, 2 CS9 WL, 2 GL
Botola 2
League total
pl pts w d l gf ga  
15 14 1 11 3 18 18
23 Dece 17 Botola 2Morocco
RB 00AS Sal
16 Dece 17 Botola 2Morocco
AS Sal 00JS Kasba Tadla
09 Dece 17 Botola 2Morocco
Wydad Fs 10AS Sal
02 Dece 17 Botola 2Morocco
AS Sal 40USM Oujda
25 Nove 17 Botola 2Morocco
Line-ups IZK 11AS Sal
20 Janu 18 Botola 2Morocco
BengurirPreviewAS Sal
27 Janu 18 Botola 2Morocco
AS SalPreviewMC Oujda
03 Febr 18 Botola 2Morocco
MAS FsPreviewAS Sal
10 Febr 18 Botola 2Morocco
AS SalPreviewRaja Beni Mellal
17 Febr 18 Botola 2Morocco
Widad TmaraPreviewAS Sal
     Records     Number of Records     History
AS Sal
Association Sportive de Sal  Morocco Morocco
Founded in 1928  
City Sal Stadium Stade Boubker Ammar
Success rate 7%

Football - club : AS Sal
MoroccoHamza Hamouddi27 yearsGoalkeeper
MoroccoAhmed Barrahma28 yearsLeft Defender
MoroccoAchraf Chbira28 yearsdfenseur droit/gauche
MoroccoAmine Chibani33 yearsDefender
MoroccoMohamed El Guennouni29 yearsDefender
MoroccoAdil El jetti 27 yearsDefender
MoroccoAchraf Ellaarabi34 yearsDefender
MoroccoHicham Guallouch 26 yearsDefender
MoroccoAbderrahmane Laabi34 yearsDefender1
MoroccoAli Ouchela32 yearsDefender
MoroccoAyoub Bourhim27 yearsLeft Full Back
MoroccoM Essyari Right Full Back
MoroccoAdil Serraj38 yearsRight Full Back
MoroccoZakaria Bahrou Right Defensive Midfielder
MoroccoYoussef El Basri34 yearsDefensive Midfielder
MoroccoAnas Behloul Midfield
MoroccoBadr Bouaine Midfield
MoroccoAbdellah Bouslama26 yearsMidfield
MoroccoMourad El Kelch Midfield
MoroccoOussama Fater26 yearsMidfield
MoroccoHicham Guellouch26 yearsMidfield
MoroccoMehdi Karyout29 yearsMidfield
GuineaAboubacar Kourouma29 yearsMidfield
MoroccoAbdellah Lahoua31 yearsMidfield
MoroccoSamir Ouidar26 yearsMidfield
MoroccoJalal Tachtach23 yearsMidfield
MoroccoIssam Tamsamani Midfield
MoroccoSaad Zrirat26 yearsMidfield
MoroccoBellakhritia Abdelali29 yearsVersatile Offensive Midfielder
MoroccoHassan Alas31 yearsOffensive Midfielder
MoroccoAbdelaziz Benchaiba38 yearsVersatile Offensive Midfielder
MoroccoAbdessamad Ouhaki29 yearsOffensive Midfielder
MaliMamadou Dembele28 yearsForward2
MoroccoHicham El Fatihi35 yearsCentre Forward
MoroccoChafiq Ziad30 yearsForward
MoroccoHicham El Idrissi48 yearsmanager
MoroccoMustapha El Assri assistant manager
MoroccoAbdelhak Rachouk fitness coach
yellow card
red card
sc. rate
0 - 15 mingf133%
15 - 30 mingf133%
30 - 45 mingf00%
45 - 60 mingf00%
60 - 75 mingf00%
75 - 90 mingf133%
1Hgf267%Mamadou Dembele - 2 goals
ga556%Younes Rachid - 2 goals
Results by opponent
Morocco IR Tanger308475%0%21
Morocco CRA222350%50%0.50.75
Morocco Raja336938%38%0.751.13
Morocco Wydad Fs334638%38%0.50.75
Morocco KAC Kenitra3281038%25%11.25
Morocco MC Oujda3210833%22%1.110.89
Morocco COD Mekns103233%0%10.67
Morocco IZK347830%40%0.70.8
Morocco MA Ttouan37101527%64%0.911.36
Morocco Widad Tmara103125%0%0.750.25
Morocco Raja Beni Mellal113325%25%0.750.75
Morocco Dcheira104225%0%10.5
Morocco Olympic Safi227925%25%0.881.13
Morocco Berrechid114525%25%11.25
Morocco MAS Fs45131525%31%0.810.94
Morocco HUS Agadir24101222%44%1.111.33
Morocco Sidi Kacem127420%40%1.40.8
Morocco Wydad126913%25%0.751.13
Morocco DHJ136911%33%0.671
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Who is the player of the season in Premier League?
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Morocco Y. El Basri JS Kasba Tadla 13 Sept
Morocco H. El Idrissi (man.) Free 11 Sept
Morocco A. Ajeddou JS Kasba Tadla 22 July

Morocco A. Ajeddou Houara 13 Janu
Morocco N. Daoudi Assiouty 07 Sept
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